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At Watertight we are 100% committed to Watertight Service Delivery: service in under an hour, a dedicated account manager to your facility, quality inbuilt at every level, our HSEQ officer ensuring we exceed safety benchmarks and our reputation for innovation with GPS tracking and immediate job reporting through our enterprise resource management system to ensure all documentation is recorded on every job undertaken which can be immediately interfaced to your systems.

Corroboree Frog

Frequently Watertight have to work on environmentally sensitive sites. To ensure that we have minimal impact on the environment our staff undertake annual Environmental awareness training. All of our staff are highly aware of protecting [...]

Concealed Leak Specialists

Do you sometimes look at your water bill and think “that’s a little higher than last time.” Have you ever turned off all you water and inspected the water meter to see it still ticking [...]

Working with Transgrid

TransGrid is the owner and manager of one of the largest high voltage transmission networks in Australia, connecting generators, distributors and major end users in NSW and the ACT. The network is interconnected to Queensland [...]

Understanding your water meter

At Watertight, we spend a lot of time upgrading, repairing and installing water meters and often receive questions from customers about how to read their water meter correctly. As there are quite a few types [...]

Water Meter Replacement in Gosford

Early in 2015 Watertight were selected by Gosford City Council to replace 3,700 aged water meters in the Gosford region. The Gosford City Council Water Meter Replacement Program was developed to ensure customers receive accurate [...]

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